Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eliot Ryan

I was so lucky to get to take pictures for my friend Shelly!  Here's Eliot at one week old!  I had so much fun taking pictures of them and as you can see they are an absolute beautiful family!   I can't wait to take more some day!  Here are lots of my favorites!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baseball Man!

Cayden is very into baseball right now!  As  you can see he'd rather use his dad's stuff!  As an example of how much he likes his dad's bat...Justin had a game last night that Cayden wasn't able to go to and the first think he did this morning was go and look to make sure he put his bat back!!  He was so concerned!!    He's hoping for a small bat like his Dad's for his Birthday!!

4th of July Weekend

 Jet ski staled and here's Papa Getting a lift back!  And why do older kids still love to play with there baby things??  Sure makes him look big!

Paddle boat ride with my boys!  We usually don't get very far because they both want to steer and we usually end up doing circles!!

First time skiing this summer!  At least I made it up and around the lake!!  Next time maybe I'll try and drop one!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One last mention of Colorado!

We were lucky to get an early birthday gift from Cathy and we all indulged in a spa treat at the Ritz Carlton.  Man, was that just wonderful!!  The luxuries of being pampered!  Thanks Cathy!  Here we are relaxing in the hot tub with fresh cucumbers!

We also had a great time white water rafting!!  The water was 40 degrees...and Justin was the only one not wearing a wet suit!  Tough guy!!  The rapids were amazing!!
Moose alert!!  This was so funny!  As the moose was about 10 feet from the car and we were trying so hard to take pictures!  Then all of a sudden it started to move and both Kari and I screamed and scared Blake!!   It was so cool to see so close up!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Cousin!!

We were excited by Jamie and Emily's news that they were going to be expecting a little one!  
Congrats guys!  Cayden and Blake are going to love a new playmate!

More Colorado

Trying the ropes course by Jake's

Here's are typical Family Picture!!!!
Family Photo!
The boys loved seeing the snow!!
 I tried this bungee trampoline!  It was so fun...I'm glad Cayden didn't want to do it so that I could!  

Monday, July 14, 2008

Colorado Trip

Picnic in the mountains

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eat your foot!!

Seriously it is so fun...when ever you talk about Blake's feet he immediately brings them to his mouth!!  I love it and he thinks it's so funny when he does it. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Book Review: Stolen Innocence

Stolen Innocence  By Elissa Wall

Another great book on polygamy.  This one takes place in today's setting and during the whole Jeff Warrens arrest.  It is just amazing how these people are brain washed.  Elissa was married when she was just 14 to her 2nd cousin and hated him.  She talks about how she did everything to avoid him and would ask to be dismissed from the marriage but they wouldn't let her.  It's amazing even her mom forces her in to the marriage because they believe that the prophet assigns you to who you should marry.  The lives these people live are just amazing...and I really like reading about them.   Ask Justin...I'm also very interest in the Amish!  I always make sure he points any out if he sees them on the way to our cabin!!! 

But I definitely recommend this book!! 

Pregnancy Photos

Here's some photos my friend Shelly let me take!  I love being able to experiment and her photos turned out great!  She actually just had her baby on the 8th!  Little Eliot Ryan!!  Congrats to Shelly and Eric and hopefully I'll get to take some of little Eliot!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jet skiing

Blake's First time on the jet ski!  
He loved it and continued to wave everytime he went by!

Cabin Fun!

Sticking the toes in!  (it was kind of cold!)

Aren't babies butts so cute!  


Well here's some pictures of our backyard.  I know some people have wanted to see pictures of our house...well here's a start.  The pictures of the flowers are of the landscaping....and I absolutely love watching what is going to bloom next!  It's so nice to have a fully landscaped back yard!  In one of the pictures you can see we have a nice field in the back with woods.  A farmer owns it and plants corn there!  It's nice not to be backed up to someone! We love spending lots of time in the backyard!!  I'll try and post more pictures of the house once I remember to go and take them!!