Wednesday, February 25, 2009

30 books in a year???

So if you know me you know that I love to READ!  If I could do one things everyday it would be to have time to myself to read!  At the end of the year last year Justin and I were talking about how many books I thought I had read that year....and I said maybe 20 and then I thought about it I probably read way more then that because just in December I read 5!  So I thought it would be fun to keep track of the books that I read this year.  My goal is at least 30!  So far I've read six and I'm half way through my 7th!   I'm aiming to read 1 book a week!  It's hard to find the time but I read a lot at night after the kids go to bed and if there watching a movie I will usually read then!  
My list of books I want to read is a couple pages long and growing!  Someday probably when the kids are gone....I want to have a Library in my house!  I can't wait to read all day!!   Justin does not understand this love I have for reading.....I think he's read one book since I've known him and it probably took him 2 years to read it!!   I'm still going to work on him....I need to find that one book that will captivate him!!  

So far this year I've read 2 great Karen Kingsbury books!  She is my Favorite Author, I do have all her books and usually buy them the day they come out!  I can't remember the other ones I've read, they were just ok.  I'm reading a great one right now by another Christian Author...But my minds blanking on the author!  (As you can see I read them so fast I don't even bother to look at the titles anymore!)   

So if you ever want a good book to read let me know.....Also I love suggestions!   
I'll keep you posted on if I keep my goal!  

Rural Route 1 Popcorn!

We are huge Popcorn fans in this household!  Sunday night dinner for Justin and I is always popcorn!  We have a favorite popcorn and we use to be able to buy it when we lived in Milwaukee but I can't find it anywhere around here so we've taken to ordering it through the mail!  Since we go through it so fast we order a 25 pound bag of it!!  I was so surprised when we got it and how much popcorn it had!   But I bet it only will last us a though half of the year!   The boys also love popcorn and Blake usually wakes up from his nap everyday and the first thing that comes out of his mouth is Popcorn???  They both love to help make it as we use a Whirly pop....(Were on our second....That's how much we make popcorn!)  
So if you get a chance I definitely recommend this brand!!! 

Snow Ice Cream!

Here we are making Snow Ice Cream....Yes we use snow to make ice cream and it's just as good if not better!  The boys loved it and it's fun to make different flavors!!  We learned how to do this when we've gone to Fort Wilderness every winter!  It's now a cabin favorite!  

DANGEROUS.....He's going to be my little dare devil!  He even knows how to start the snowmobile on his own.....SCAREY!!