Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cayden's Birthday!

We had a great time Celebrating Cayden's third Birthday!  I still think it's crazy to think that I have a son that old!!!  
Opening Presents
Swimming with Mom!
Catching Frogs!
A Scooter!  Now he can run with the big kids!

Birthday Donut!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Discovery Toys Adventure!

As you all know I've started selling Discovery Toys!

The reason I started to sell these toys is that I grew up playing with them and have such great memories playing with the toys.  The two that I remember the most are the Marble Works and the Think-it-Through Tiles.  

So I decided to sell something that I think is great for kids!  I also figured with all the people that I know that either have kids or are always buying stuff for Nieces and Nephews along with all the showers we go to...I knew there would be a market for them!

So instead of sending out emails to everyone, even though I will occasionally I thought I'd use my Blog to market some of the toys that I think are great.  This week I'm going to tell you about some of the toys that are on sale. (Sale ends September 18!)  So if  you see any that you like or want on your kids xmas sure to get an order to me before the 18th!

I'll start with the 2 water toys that we have on sale.....
The Splash Rocket
This is a rocket that you control.  You want to see how high you can get it and if you can balance it on the water.  We don't have this one but I'm definitely going to invest in it.  I've seen it done before and I can see hours of wanting to get the Rocket up in the air!  It's great hand-eye coordination!  
ONLY 15.99

The Hydro Blast
Anyone that likes water guns you'll love this!  It's better then a water gun and easier to use!  
Cayden even knows how to get the water in and shoot it on his own.  It shoots water 15 feet and is so easy to get filled up with water!  We use this a lot and have lots of fun shooting Dad!
ONLY 12.99 or get 2 for 19.99

So hurry and get in that last bit of water fun before the end of summer or get ready for next!!
To see pictures of these go to my website and look under the sale promos!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A night at the beach!

Blake loves to be tossed in the air...if  you can make out his face he has the hugest grin!
Playing so well!!!
They sure are brothers....sharing one minute fighting the next!
Cute butt crack!

Slip and Slide Fun!!

So we got this Slip and Slide for 10 dollars and what fun we've been having with it!!  Cayden loves it and Blake likes to use the bottom that collects water to put rocks in!!!  

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Ice Cream Sandwich!!

The Games they Play!

So this started out with Cayden pushing Blake and ended with Blake pushing Cayden!  I didn't think Blake would be able to but he pushed hard as you can see!  I think Cayden got the longer ride out of it!!  

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cabin Fun!

The Master Griller!
Yup.....I got the hook caught in my hair!  Maybe I should put down the book when I fish!! 
Cayden is constantly touching Blake.....Example!
First catch of the morning!  They love to touch them!
Still Jumping!!

Morning Fishing!! 

Harvesting our Garden!

Well our garden was a success!  We picked lots and lots of green i just need to get the kids to eat them! ( as many of you know I do not eat very many vegetables!)  They usually will eat one while were picking. And the carrots are great! (We all eat those!)   Next year I'll have to try other things to grow too!  It was a very low maintence garden!  I think I watered it a couple of times and that was it!! 

Cooling off!

Seriously my 10 dollar pool is well worth the money!  As you can see we've had lots of fun in it this summer!  What till you see what else we got for ten coming soon!
I love this picture of him!!  This is how I see him...always at my legs!
Cayden loves to jump in....i think I've counted 20 continuous times!
I love the way this picture looks!