Monday, December 29, 2008

A Day At Taylor Falls!

I know this post is a little late....but this fall we spent a day in taylor falls and it was just Beautiful there! Cayden and Blake collected lots of Acrorns (both my pockets were full) and Blake ended the day with a nap on top of dad's shoulders!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm finally an Aunt!!!!

Here's Elsa Joy!
The Proud Parents!!

Blake and Cayden Love her already!
Here's Blake asking "Take a picture" He didn't want to be left out!! (Nice Donut mouth! The boys wanted Elsa to have a donut.....I think she has a year before you guys can share!!)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

4 wheeling!

When we go to Great Grandma's and Grandpa's all Cayden wants to do is 4 wheel! He loves it! And He loves it even more when Great Grandpa takes him so that He can drive and go Further! In this first picture this was a time that I took them and since I like to take pictures we decided to get off and walk around...well not smart since I don't know four wheelers very good because when we got back on to go back I couldn't get it started!! Cayden was so worried!!! But after trying everything I could (which was not much) We had to walk back! Luckily I don't go to far from the house!! But needless to say Cayden wont let me forget about the one time when I couldn't get the 4 wheeler started!!!

Pumpkin Picking!

The Mear's Family!

It was so fun to take pictures of this Family! I've been so use to doing little kids that I didn't know were to start with Keagan, Kiley, and Mekena. I usually just start following the kids around but when we were ready to start with them they just stood there waiting for me to tell them what to do! It was actually kind of nice to not worry about if I was going to get a good oppportunity. I'm definitely learning alot doing this and am having fun and wish I could just learn everything that I want to in a day! To see more pictures please go to my Photography website,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie night with Cayden!

This past weekend we took Cayden to his first movie here in town. River Falls has this old theater and it is so cool It only cost 3 dollars to see a movie there and kids under a certain age are free! Plus their popcorn is 1.00 and pop is .75 cents! I wish all movie theaters were like that! So for a total of 10.50 we had a great night out and it was cheap!

It was fun to watch Cayden get excited about going to his first movie. We went and saw Madagascar. He did great until the pop and popcorn ran out then he was ready to go, he was concerned with were Blakey was! But we made it until the end and after the show was done he said "That was really Fun!"

I thought it was a cute movie but the first one was definitely better.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Xmas Sale!

So I thought I'd offer up my discount to everyone for the Xmas season! Usborne Books and Discovery Toys have some great products and we are just loving them at our house!

Also if your thinking about doing Toys for Tots or any other donations please think of ordering through me as I can match it and will donate as well!

So here are the discounts available!!

For Usborne books I'll give you a discount at 25% and if for some reason I'm closing a party and they have half off books unused I'll be glad to give you that discount as well! So please check out my website and make a list and email me what you would like and I'll get those ordered for you and mailed out! Please try and get the order to me but December 3 so that we can make sure you get them in time!

And for Discovery toys I can give you a 20% off. These are great toys so again let me know if you want anything and I can get these ordered for you! Also if you ever want Discovery Toys in the future you can always get 20% off from me as I'm doing this Company as a wholesaler and am not going to actively sell them.

Hope everyone has a stress free shopping season!

More camping weekend

So count how many apples Blake ate that weekend! Seriously he had an apple in his hand almost all weekend!! Here he's double fisting it!!

We saw this eagle trying to eat a duck! Crazy the things they'll go after! We always joke at the cabin that the eagle across the lake is going to eat Otis my parents dog someday....Now I believe it's possible!
Grandma Cathy and Papa Bob!

Hay Ride!
Again...the touching!!

He sure loved the apples!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Camping in Bayfield

So we went camping one weekend this October and Had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Bob. It was cold but great weather during the day. As you can see here it's Monkey see monkey do!! (Blake loves to do anything cayden is!)

My Cutie! I tell my boys all the time that I could eat them up because there so cute and the other day Cayden asked me if we eat people! I was wondering were he got that from but then I realized it the next time I said it!! The things little boys think about!!
Grandpa and Cayden!

Blake having a good old time!!
Mom had to try it out too!

Throwing acorns into the water.
Cayden loved this and didn't want to get off!

We did lots of biking! They had this great trail we biked on and it was absolutely beautiful!

Blake loves to brush his teeth....or eat the toothpaste!
I bought them watermelon tooth paste and they couldn't wait to try it out....Sounds gross to me but they love it!
Blake had an apple in his hand all weekend! I seriously bet he ate close to 10 apples!
Sneaking Candy!
And this is how Cayden is with Blake all day! Constantly hugging him!
Can you tell he's saying Cheese!!