Friday, July 17, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soccer Practice

We were able to sign Cayden up for soccer this summer as he was finally old enough to take some classes. His first day of soccer he couldn't wait to get there. We had boughten him some cleats at a garage sale that he paid for! The day of his first practice he wore the cleats all day and we had to walk down to the soccer fields twice that day to practice! Well once we got there he wasn't to sure about this. I think all the kids made him a little nervous. So dad ended up staying by his side the whole time. But he did great once he got a little comfortable!

Little Brother telling him he did a great job and that he was proud of him!!

Fishing, Forts and Cuddle time!!

Blake loves to think he caught a fish!

Loving Cuddle time with my boys and a good book!
A cherry treat!
Best Time a mom can get!!!

Tag along!

We got this great tag along from our friends Josh and Kim and decided to test it out! It works great! As you can see Blake loves riding on it! And he looks so funny when he does, as his feet don't touch the pedals, and he always has a big grin on his face as he holds on for dear life!!!

Cayden is Semi-officially off of training wheels! He has them as high as they will go so they never touch the ground. Now he needs to grow a couple of inches so he can get on and off by himself. (I usually help him on and then he falls when he wants to stop!) But he loves it and is a speed demon....Seriously he goes way to fast! He even bikes to the park which is a little ways away! It amazes me how fast he's growing up, doing all this stuff on his own. Makes me sad but proud of him!