Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Adventures

So the adventures of Cayden and Blake this day were take as much stuff as they could carry and take it across the street and just sit there. (They had to come and get a snack during that time though.) Then when they were ready they moved to the next spot.
Here we go to the back yard!

Andrew had a blast being pushed in laundry baskets around the house.

Grandpa's Turkey

Blake was having nothing to do with touching it!

Adventures of Cayden

Cayden had one of his classmates over for a playdate and here they took all the toys the could and piled them on the trampoline and made a bonfire! (needless to say Cayden and I didn't have a ton of fun putting them all away later that day. Oh well at least they had fun!)
There 'Smore sticks!

Cayden got him self a pair of rollerblades at a garage sale and he loves them. The first time he put them on he asked me why he can't be as fast as the other kids!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can you tell I'm trying to catch up on posting!!!

Andrew and the Tulips!

I Love Spring!

I loved seeing our tulips come up this year! The boys were even excited since they helped plant them.

Our apple tree blossom! I love that we have an apple tree in our yard. I know it's going to be awhile before we have any apples actually on the tree but I can't wait. Some day I'm going to have lots of them, plus a pear tree!
Sorry....I need to throw in a picture of me here.....I never have any pictures taken of me and the kids and this was the first picture in a long time that someone offered to take a picture with me and Andrew! So I need to share because they don't happen often since I'm the one usually behind the camera.
Loving his brother's bike!
I guess he was hungry.

Cayden loves to take Andrew and put him in the closets to play!

Cake Pops

So I made Cake pops for Blake's actual birthday. They look better then they actually tasted. They weren't bad but I was expecting them to be great! Oh well Blake loved them!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Superman and other things...

I've always wanted to try this shot to see if I could see the flowers floating away!
So this is an obnoxious mail box we drive by often and the boys are always looking for it. As soon as one of them spots it, it turns in to a fight of who saw it first or saying the other person didn't see it. AAAGGGHHH the things that turn into arguing!! (I just want to say are you kidding me, this is what were arguing about!!!)
Another flower stop on our bike ride.
Close up of the lashes.
Here's our Crazy Superman!! Seriously this kid never stays in one outfit for long. I'm sure he looked hilarious on our bike ride with this on. But there is no talking him out of being Superman on a bike!

The Boys

This is our neighbor friend Parker. Let's just say when they all get together they are complete boys! I love it and we have so much fun with Him.

Flowers or Weeds??

I'm sure every Mom receives these flowers as a gift during the spring. I recieved lots and lots of them. One day at MOPS my kids picked me a good size handful of these dandelions. There teacher told me they wanted to pick me the whole field of them for me. It sure made me feel good to know that they were thinking of me the whole time!