Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cayden's Birthday

We had the extreme pleasure of celebrating Cayden's birthday on Uncle Tom and Aunt Barb's houseboat! We had so much fun hanging out on their private beach that there club has, it's like paradise there. Uncle Tom has this great hammock that he puts up between 2 trees and I could have spent all day in it! We roasted hot dogs, swam, swam, played in the sand, jumped off the boat, and swam some more! Plus I got a chance to play around with my camera hence the mass amount of pictures.

This was at the end of the day and we were all exhausted but no one was ready to go home!

I love when the swim trunks slip off!
Yes we had so much fun!
Relaxing with my boys.

Seriously look at that belly!
Blake's famous smile.

Thanks Barb and Tom for the best birthday as Cayden says! We can't wait for next summer to spend a weekend with you guys!

I can't wait to get back!!

Just wanted you all to know I should be back posting pictures in a week!! I can see I'm so far behind!! I haven't even gotten Cayden's birthday party on here!! But thanks for being patient the fall ended up being a busy season this year with my photography business!!
See you all next week!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grandparents photo Shoot

I did a little photo shoot with my grandparents! I was a little disappointed that it only lasted 5 minutes due to that was long enough for my grandpa! Oh well....I'll have to try and talk him into a longer one in the Spring! We also attempted a Great Grandchild photo. Turned out pretty good with 4 kids if you ask me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For you regulars here....if you scroll down there was a post I forgot to put up and if wont let me change the date so check out Sept 23!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleepy Blake

Blake has a hard time going to bed. He comes out numerous times before he finally falls asleep. This night I must not have heard him come out and when I got up to go to bed this was how I found him sleeping!! Seriously what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Frogs

The boys were at our neighbor Parkers house catching frogs one day! Needles to say my boys wouldn't touch them! I"m not sure why since a couple of weeks before the were touching them and even snakes. But not today! But Parker out did them and carried them around like they were stuffed animals! It was so cute!
Think he could get any more in his hands? He didn't want to put them down because they would hop away!
Andrew would have touched him if he could.
I love how they just look like dolls in his hands!

The frogs went down the slide, up the stairs and even the swing!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer fun continues

My 3 Boys!

Andrew lounging!

All the boys on the jetski!

This is my favorite picture so far from this summer at the cabin! The boys were looking at frogs!! Totally unplanned....and for some reason it's slipping my mind why the had there swimsuits off.

Andrew's scar from falling down the stairs.
Kim and Parker!
Trying to get Cayden to wakeboard.....hhhmmm not really the best idea!
Andrew is in the stage of continuously throwing stuff over board!

Andrew's 1st Birthday!

I love the Happiness of this picture!
Of course his brothers can't stop touching him!
So excited! You can see Blake's little hand trying to get a taste before Andrew.

He was ready to put his face in it.
Giving his brothers a taste.

I didn't realize 2 boys would be getting dirty during this event.
Full Tummy!
And we ended the evening with wrestling that even Elsa got involved in!

Dressing like pirates.