Wednesday, February 17, 2010

G-G and Great Grandpa came over for a day of fun! THe boys really like it when she comes over and makes her great Mac and Cheese!! They actually just asked for it again yesterday!! I think G-G it's time for another visit!!
Andrew and Great Grandpa!
The boys have soap that comes foam style and it seems everyday they find a new use for it besides washing there hands. Some days it's shaving cream, some times there making smoothies with it, othertimes I just find it all over the bathroom! Agh it can be a mess. I original got this so that they would think it was fun to wash there hands.....But since they're good with there imaginiation it turns in to lots of other things!

Since Andrew dosen't play......

...I figured he needed another post of his own!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Justin had this nice black eye during Christmas! I left hooked him! No really it's from Basketball.

CHRISTmas Time...

A little late...But better late then never! Here's Blake playing Bingo on Christmas and this is when he found out he won! Expression Priceless!
Grandpa trying to read the kids a bedtime story...wasn't working quite that well.
Jesus's birthday cake!

Super Baby!

Blake seriously can never put his glasses on right!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Andrew playing....I just like the way this picture looks!
Here's Cayden at preschool. I just love his little grin that he's giving me! (He was so excited that we got to come watch them open presents.)

Grandpa Fun


Elsa's First birthday!

All the Cousins!

Em had a fun project for the kids to do. They strung candy on a candy necklace!! Of course my kids loved involved CANDY!

She didn't even get messy!! Are all girls like that, because my boys were covered???!!
Such a cute dainty eater!