Sunday, January 31, 2010

Justin's deer!!

Don't you just love how Cayden is holding on the antlers!!

Justin's Birthday!!

Daddy was lucky enough to get a spider man cake!!! The boys loved it!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Play time....

I'm not sure how they both fit into this box, but they did! It became there boat!
Here they are getting spoiled at grandma's. Smoothies in the bathtub?? Plus they get to splash and jump in that tub! Glad Grandma has to clean it up and not me!!
Getting ready for hunting!! I'll have more photos from hunting weekend....But needless to say that weekend created a whole new level of play hunting at our house!
Here's how they play hunting.......

CAYDEN: Blake I'll shoot you first then I'm going to hang you in the garage.
(Cayden shoots, grabs Blake and drags him across the living room floor and then proceeds to pretend to tie him up in the garage, because this is what dad and grandpa do after getting a deer.)
CAYDEN: Ok now I'm going to cut you up....
(cayden runs to his pretend kitchen grabs the chicken legs and other various food, brings it back and then runs to get plastic bags.) (This again is how grandpa and dad cut up and store the meat!)
Blake: OK my turn!!!

Oh the things my boys pretend!! But it's so fun to watch and listen to! Amazing what they pick up!

Brotherly Love!!!

At least here Andrew is smiling!!! (But this happens all day long!!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My baby boy...

I still wish this was how Andrew would put himself to sleep!
Loving tummy time!
Our smiley boy!