Monday, April 27, 2009

Car Wash!

The boys love to help dad wash the car...but more then anything I think they enjoy getting wet!!  

Cayden even loves to wash his toys!!  

Soap everywhere!!
Random easter egg hunt picture!

HUdson Easter Egg Hunt

Last year we did this easter egg hunt that this church puts on for the community at a local Middle school!   They do such a great job of putting it on and the boys have lots of fun loading up on candy.   There are so many people there but they do such a great job of splitting up ages.   
Cayden with all his you can see he has mostly gum!   When the easter egg hunt started that's all that he would put in his basket.  If a none gum item got in there he would take it out!  
Blake with all his goodies....unfortunately he doesn't get gum yet and he does not like that fact that Cayden gets some and he doesn't.   We use the gum thing as an incentive to get potty trained!!  
Checking out the fire truck.

Whoa we made out good!  
Loving the treats!!
I think Blake would have been fine with just one piece!  Because once it started all he was concerned with was getting that one piece open!
Trying to start before they said too!!!
All the eggs and CAndy!!!!

The Last Snow Fall

We were able to enjoy the last snow fall of the season in April as it was great snowman making snow!  We got about 4 inches and it was all gone by the next day and I even think the boys were wearing shorts by the next week!!   

Photo Class weekend...

In April I took part in a Photography seminar and really enjoyed it.  I did learn some things but always wish I new more!  It does amaze me thought how much people edit their photos.  A lot of classes were on the different software that's out there, ALOT.   I would love to learn how to edit because it would be fun to play with pictures...But what ever happened to just taking a picture???  I do very minimal editing...but I sure hope I can learn does make pictures look so different and sometimes so much better!!! 
But at this seminar they had brought in some bears and wolves to photography... that was so cool!  This bear was so cute and so friendly!!!   I wish the boys would have been able to see it!! 

Random fun!

This is a really bad picture, but the boys were having so much fun this morning pretending they were driving a bus!   They had this book that makes an engine starting noise that would start the bus and for some reason they loved added anything to it.  As you can see on the couch they pretty much took everything out of Blake's room and needed to "PACK IT" on the bus!!  Dad was the passenger and so patient!   I love how they imagine things and keep adding to them!!  

Here's Blake drinking a slushy!  He was so cute trying to use his straw!!  

Brotherly Love!

I love when both my boys are quiet and can share a moment of cuddle time!!  

Last Winter weekend at the cabin!

In March we spent our last weekend at the cabin with snow!  There wasn't a ton but enough for us to get out and take a nice hike!  We also Celebrated Uncle Jamie's 30th Birthday while we were there!  

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Typical boys!

So this is usually how my children (and Husband) look when I take their pictures! It's more of how much can we goof off then just smile at mom! By the end both boys are usually wreslting or as you can see it's hard to take pictures of my boys! I think there to use to me with my camera out and they see that as a sign to run or act goofy! Justin tries to help but he usually lasts just as long as they do! So if anyone knows of anyone that can take some pictures for me or my boys or family!!! Let me know! Enjoy the everyday moments of my daily life!!! (I love them so much for there silliness!)

Here are the pictures that turned out of my kids.  Honestly these are the only ones that I got that are decent.  And I took these all within 2 minutes....after that 2 minute period there done!  
I'll post later some that I tried taking...but it will show how they usually act when I'm taking there picture!!  You gotta love boys and short attention spans!!


So here's a quick example of the set up I kind of had going...Not a very good picture.  As you can see in the background my boys goofing off!  

Pictures that turned out!

I had a great time taking photos and these 2 cute little ones are so fun to take pictures of.  So here are some examples of my photos that turned out.  I posted a lot more on my photography blog so if you want to check out more you can click on the link on the side that will take you there.  I'm so excited the spring is just around the corner!  I love taking pictures outside and I'm excited to get out and start shooting!