Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas 2010

The boys had a great Christmas this past year! There big gifts were a new bike and a scooter! Yes we are the mean parents that give our kids a gift they can't use until summer! But hey it's like 2 gifts in one as they get excited when they get it and then 4 0r 5 months later they are just as excited because they finally get to use it!! (And since there asking for outside things again this year, we will be doing it again!)
I love watching them opening there gifts from each other because it's the like things that make them happy! As Blake got Cayden a pack of gum and was thrilled with it!!
This Year's Birthday cake!

I love getting a quick photo with my Grandma!! The last ones the boys took of us and let's just say only half of our faces got in it!
My Grandparents with all the Great- Grandkids!
A quick family picture!

I'll take what I can get with my boys!

Tired out!

This is a classic Andrew Look! Love it!
Making the Traditional Orange Julius on Christmas Morning!
Andrew sneaking some licorice from Papa's stocking!
There's another classic Andrew look again! He's sneaking Santa's cookies before bed!

Yes! Sharkboy Lavagirl! If your kids haven't seen it they will be sucked in for some strange reason!