Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Easter Photo Shoot

Here the boys are trying to stop Andrew from walking into the water!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Easter egg Hunt

Just look at these two pictures....I know if I was a kid I would be giddy with excitment!! This was our 3rd year attending this Egg hunt that a local church puts on for the community and they do an amazing job! Both our boys love it and can't wait to get into the gym to get the candy. This year they had to go at different times because of the way they split up the age groups. Blake was a little bit more hesitant at first because all the kids just rush out there to get the candy. So I had to help him a little bit. But once he figured out how to grab as much Candy as he could he was set!!

Here he is not sure what he should do. (Just to note there is plenty of candy for everyone to fill there buckets full to the top.)

Here is is waiting for his brothers turn and begging me to have a piece!
Cayden knows just what to do!
The boys are already looking forward to this next year. Oh and we do still have half a bucket left. (I'm hoping it's gone soon so that I don't hear "Can I have a piece of gum?" anymore!)

Smiling with the eyes!

Little Eliot and His Mommy!

Praying for Eliot's new little sister Kenley Today. (she's in the NICU and needs prayers to get over some complications.) Eliot you have an amazing mom and a wonderful new sister coming home to you soon!

Tired Out

It always amazes me when babies fall asleep in the strangest places.
Andrew fell asleep jumping in the jumper and 20 minutes later woke up jumping!!
It was so funny, I came out to check on him and all of a sudden he started jumping but his eyes were still shut. It took him about a minute to wake up. As you can see he looked so sweet sleeping there....that I had to take about 10 pictures of him!

Canon Baby!

Dump truck rides have started.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another Example...

..of our crazy man Blake. He loves cloths! And here he is wearing Andrew's 6-12 month cloths....needless to say he stretched them out.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Off The Beaten Path

Our Family likes to take Hikes....the Boys like to go off Trail!! As you can see we do a lot of climbing rocks and getting dirty.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blake...OUr Ladies Man

My son Blake! Oh where do I start....He loves Cloths, He Loves Shoes, and He LOVES to do his hair before dinner!

Monday, May 3, 2010

1st weekend in March

So It looks like I'm 2 months behind on my posts since I'm just now posting March photos!
Better late then never.

Our March started off at the cabin with a special visit from Jake and Kari! Of course this weekend was unseasonably warm...which I loved but dosen't make for great snowmobiling weather. But we were still able to have a great time with some walks and game playing.
As you can see the boys thought it was summer and thought that they should run around with out their shirts on!

They also got a lot of rough housing in from Uncle Jake and Uncle Jamie!

Some snuggle time with Elsa!
Elsa has the most Beautiful blue eyes!
Some serenading from Jamie. (Cayden asked him when he was going to start playing some BOY songs? )
And even some snuggle time with Aunt Kari! Miss you guys!