Saturday, January 14, 2012

March 2011

Cayden's preschool trip to the firehouse.

Justin's work participated in the St. Patrick's day bed races that River Falls has. There team won for best dressed!

The boys got cross country skies for Christmas and so enjoy using them. Plus we love it because now they can come with us.
I'm not sure how babies stay asleep in such random places and positions!
We had a picnic in the snow one day. We snowmobiled out to this certain spot and brought our lunches to eat. The boys loved it, I thought it was a little chilly!

Our "mini" snowman made with licorice, cucumbers and a carrot! (guess which one got eaten first?)
Crazy Hair Night at Awana.

Andrew pulling Elsa for a ride.

February 2011

Taking a bath in Mom's bath is a special treat for the boys as we don't let them take baths in here that often as they literally think and act like it's a pool. So you can imagine clean up with 3 swimmers!
Just hanging out!

Jumping into the lake with papa!

We have another sleeper on the snowmobile!

January 2011

When I'm at the cabin I try and sleep in as long as I can...which is 7:30 maybe 8. But this morning I was up early and loved this sunrise! Someday I'll get up early and enjoy it more!
Catching snowflakes!

I love the excitement on Justin's face in this one as Andrew is running to him!

The boys are always in heaven at the cabin! Especially Cayden as he is up at 6 ready to go snowmobiling and is literally outside all day except for lunch! He is my outdoors boy and his daddy loves it!
I love when the boys get creative at home with there toys. Here they are lining them up all over the house!

Blake trying the splits!
I'm pretty sure every kid tries to put the glasses on from Mr. Potato head.

Horsing around!
Andrew just dumped a glass of water over his head.
Ready to hit the trails.

Time to get up to date!

So my goal is to have 2011 all blogged by April! So here we go let's see if I can reach my goal! I have so many pictures to go through and I'm hoping that by making sure I blog about them it will force me to go through my pictures and do something with them. I'm in the process of making a 2010 book on shutterfly. So if I like it I'll do the same with 2011! Let's get started!