Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sleepy Blake

Blake has a hard time going to bed. He comes out numerous times before he finally falls asleep. This night I must not have heard him come out and when I got up to go to bed this was how I found him sleeping!! Seriously what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Frogs

The boys were at our neighbor Parkers house catching frogs one day! Needles to say my boys wouldn't touch them! I"m not sure why since a couple of weeks before the were touching them and even snakes. But not today! But Parker out did them and carried them around like they were stuffed animals! It was so cute!
Think he could get any more in his hands? He didn't want to put them down because they would hop away!
Andrew would have touched him if he could.
I love how they just look like dolls in his hands!

The frogs went down the slide, up the stairs and even the swing!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer fun continues

My 3 Boys!

Andrew lounging!

All the boys on the jetski!

This is my favorite picture so far from this summer at the cabin! The boys were looking at frogs!! Totally unplanned....and for some reason it's slipping my mind why the had there swimsuits off.

Andrew's scar from falling down the stairs.
Kim and Parker!
Trying to get Cayden to wakeboard.....hhhmmm not really the best idea!
Andrew is in the stage of continuously throwing stuff over board!

Andrew's 1st Birthday!

I love the Happiness of this picture!
Of course his brothers can't stop touching him!
So excited! You can see Blake's little hand trying to get a taste before Andrew.

He was ready to put his face in it.
Giving his brothers a taste.

I didn't realize 2 boys would be getting dirty during this event.
Full Tummy!
And we ended the evening with wrestling that even Elsa got involved in!

Dressing like pirates.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kids fun run/My 2 mile run

Cayden did his first Kids fun run this year during the River Falls Days. He did awesome and was super excited to do it!! As you can see he ran his little heart out.

I also ran my first 2 mile race....I should say run because I was not trying to win, I was just trying to make it to the finish line! I did train for this race and felt pretty good about it until the morning of. That morning did not start off like I planned. Justin was already gone helping set up the course, the kids decided to choose that morning to sleep in and I couldn't find my ipod anywhere. So needless to say My running partner Jamie(bil) got to hear me complain the whole way!!! Sorry Jamie. But mentally knowing I didn't have my ipod and had never ran with out it and hate running in the first place it was really hard for me to not focus on the running part. With my ipod i can usually get my self in a zone. So on that note you can tell I enjoyed it huh?? Actually once i was done it wasn't so bad....I actually think I'll do it again next year. And I also might do a 13 mile walk/run race in Nashville in April!?!?! Will seee.

FIrst Kool-Aid Stand!

This summer Cayden got to experience his first Kool-Aid stand! He loved it and wanted to have them all the time this summer! He really got in to helping me make the kool-aid, doing the sign and then bringing all the stuff to the corner. We stayed out for about a half hour and we did get one official customer and Cayden was so excited! Were already talking about the ones were going to have next summer!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

The boys have really gotten into washing their hair and then jumping in this summer! Actually it usually happens about 10 times a day! Good thing my Dad picks up a lot of sample shampoos at the hotels!!
Elsa and Andrew trying to have there own fun in the tube!
Isn't she just gorgeous?
hmmmmm looks like Blake needs some smaller swimming trunks!
I'm kind of confused at this picture and the fact that my son Cayden has picked up the snake! Since by the end of summer he wouldn't even pick up a frog himself....his brother always had to do it or his friend Parker!

Grandpa and the boys built themselves a "tiny" dock this summer! It was a fun quick project to keep them busy! Which they sure have enjoyed!

The boys and grandpa doing a happy dance! They can't wait to get the dock in!
Testing it out.
YUP it works good!
Seriously I'm not sure how kids can just fall asleep anywhere. Here's Blake sleeping on the side of the boat while everyone else is tubing!
Again he feel asleep!
Yup he's asleep in this picture as well.....but I thought the foot was positioned just right!
Cayden tubing for the first time by himself and loved it!! (wait till you see what he did by the end of summer...yup you'll have to wait for me to catch up on all my posts!)

The Boys Favorite candy! (or dad's and they just like it because he does!) We had a great 4th this year! Grandpa Bob bought fireworks again this year and they did those the night before the 4th which was a good thing since it poured on the 4th. We also made our famous homemade deep fried cheese curds which has now become a tradition!