Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cooper, Sam, and Family Pictures

This Family was so fun to Photograph! They had such great props and had a couple of pictures in mind that they wanted which helped catch their personalities! They had a beautiful house to take these pictures at and we sure had a great time capturing their smiles!! Thanks Guys!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

So it was a fun Labor day weekend this year filled with lots of kids!! We had a total of 5 families there that weekend and it was action packed!!

Cayden's friend Gavin!
Our Neighbor's from Milwaukee..Rachel, Jim, Hannah, and Michael!
As you can see Cayden had no idea what a silly face is! That's ok I'm sure we have many years ahead of us were he wont stop!!!
Blake and his too big lifejacket! He didn't like that he couldn't move!!
Lots of fun jumping the waves!!
Blake was caught sneeking the cookies! He's my little sweets boy!
Cayden got into the sunscreen and this was he's work of art!!
Playing with snakes and frogs was the kids highlight of the weekend!

Blake checking the snake out!
Kool-Aid Man!
Seeing the snake for the first time!
Way to go Jamie on a great catch!


Melissa, Gavin and Ethan!
The pregnant Lady on the float!! What a great way to spend the day! Makes me long for summer right now!
Usual pose!

Blake trying to get in on the fun!
These Rocket Balloons were a hit!
Cayden Learned how to cast by himself this weekend and he loves it! That's all he would talk about for weeks!

Diaper full of Water! How comfy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun at GG's and Great Grandpa's

Cayden's new obsession! He's always asking me if he can have a 4 wheeler like Grandpa!
Even Blake had no fear of it!
Cayden also like's to control how fast we go....let's say he's a speed demon!!

Blake saw Cayden pee in the bushes and Blake thought he'd try it out! Hopefully he'll be an early potty trainee!

Looking at Bugs!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Practicing with the boys!!

I took the boys out to a park that I've been taking pictures to try and see if I could get any of them!  They don't care to look at the camera for me!  I think there to use to it!  Mom always has the camera in her hand!   Everything to me is a picture moment!!!  Enjoy!