Saturday, February 25, 2012

My boys usually have there first swim on the year in the beginning of May. Yes, that's early but I can't keep listening to the "Can we get the pool out?" "Can we run through the sprinkler?" what's the harm?! And they love it, my little water boys!

Watching the huge ant pile.

I love having 3 boys...

and they love each other!

(these were not's them in there true brotherly selves!)

I like to take drives around River Falls searching for that new spot to take pictures. One day I found this awesome trail along the river and just fell in love with the tree that you can see. Well wait till you see what it looks like when I actually took my boys back there for a photo shoot....needless to say grass can grow lots in a couple of weeks that it didn't work out. (It was as tall as Blake!!) I'm hoping I can make it out there this year before that happens!!

Cayden's Year in Preschool

Blake's 4th Birthday

For Blake's 4th b-day we had a costume party and it was so much fun! Even Justin's 91 year old grandpa dressed up!
My shoe Lover!

Sharkboy costume.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Morning time with my boys! Best part of my morning!

It's the little details for me that will help me remember there childhood!

Easter 2011