Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Labor Day Weekend!

Classic Teasing going on and always ends with a shove!

Her I am being photographed by my son Cayden...I'm hoping he finds my love of photography like I do! So far he loves when I let him take pictures with my camera!
But he took this picture of me wearing my Sleepy Wrap sling! I love this thing and if I didn't have it I would get nothing done. When Andrews crying I pop him in here and he's asleep instantly, and off I go to get things done!
Blake showing us his tattoo.
Showing me his muscles.
and wearing Andrews hat.
This weekend I experimented with my new lens so this picture is blurry(I guess it's not a long range lens which is going to take some time getting use to.) But it was such a great picture moment of all the kids watching the skiers!

Cayden and Gavin....fishing buddies!

Loving the effects of my new lens!

Tree Climbing with Chad.

Perfect pouting face!! (Just get on the tube and have fun like you always do!)
Fashionable Andrew!
Lots of Frog catching going on!

WE had such a fun weekend! Lots of kids playing, food, deep fried cheese curds, and relaxing! I'm already for next summer so please winter come and go and let's get next summer started!


The boys always have to get Andrew in on there playing if he's laying on the ground...here it's nap time so they get all the pillows and blankets and include Andrew in there pretend Nap!!
And just a random cute picture of my Baby!!

A Fun Day at Great Grandma's and Grandpa's house!

My boys absolutely love to go to GG's house because they know that there going to get to ride the 4 wheeler, lawnmower, and get Candy!! It's all they talk about for days is how much fun they had and what kind of candy grandma had!

Does this smile say i did something???
(He was pretty proud that he peed on the driveway! Boys!)
Grandpa played baseball with them! If you could see Cayden a little better he even has a sweatband on his head!! They like to dress up for it just as much as they like to play it.
Lot's of Tractor Riding!!

Even picking vegetables from the garden!! I'm sure my grandparents need lots of rest after my boys leave!!! They definitely do not see down when were there because as soon as we leave at the end of the day they are sleeping in the car before were even out of the driveway!!
Thanks for playing with us Great Grandma and Grandpa!

New boat...and cold weekend at the cabin.

So this summer we decided that we were going to try and sell our wakeboarding boat. It came a lot sooner then we expected and was a very sad day for us when we got a buyer. When we bought the wakeboard boat Justin and I were with out kids and use to spend our weekends going from lake to lake and spending the whole day on it. But now that we have a cabin and three children we don't use it as much as we use to. We were only on it if someone wants to ski, tube or wakeboard. So we thought it would be smart to downgrade until our kids learn how to ski. So here's our new boat! We still love it but it's not the wakeboard boat!!!
We also spent a very chilly weekend at the cabin in August. I think the high was only 50 degrees. So we came up with lots of things to do inside. We even got grandpa to try a headstand!!!

Are you kidding me???

So I took the boys to get there hair cut a couple of weeks ago and this is what we ended up with. I can't complain too much since I only paid 5 bucks each for them to get their hair cut. But seriously can you cut it any short and straight across (If you can even say it's straight.) I guess I got what I paid for and know I wont be going back there! Why are kids haircuts so expensive when it take 5 minutes for them to cut it??

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sucking on Fingers

So Cayden was so excited that he got Andrew to settle down by letting him suck on his finger! I was thinking that's so great until I thought about it a little longer and realized that's just to gross, especially knowing he hadn't just washed his hands! So no more sucking on his fingers.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long weekend at the cabin!

In the middle of August we took some vacation time and headed for the cabin!! We were so excited to get back to the cabin as we had taken sometime off for the Birth of Andrew!! WE had some great weather and lots of fun things going on! Cayden learned how to swim and got a little bit more daring jumping off the dock!

Blake was a big talker and said he would jump in but here he is still standing!! He'd rather watch Cayden do it! Whenever one of them doesn't want to do something it's always "Cayden first" or "Blake first"

If Blake's not changing his cloths 5 times a day he's Naked.....I just wish this boy would keep his cloths on and leave it to one outfit a day!! I'm sick of doing laundry all the time!!! (At least it looks like he has shorts on with his nice tan!)
Finally He jumps!!!
Andrew did a lot of Napping and eating!!
We went to our favorite Ice Cream place the Windmill!! This place has the best ice cream and you get so much for the price of $2.00!

Again he's Naked...But if you notice he's eating a Smore!! Seriously?? I'd post the other picture we took right after this but it might not be blog appropriate! Let's just say they were dancing and still eating the smore!!!
And again!!! But I thought this would make you all laugh...but this is how Blake chooses to go the bathroom sometimes!! A little side note this was probably the best gift Blake gave me after we arrived home from the hospital is that he was officially not wearing Diapers anymore!! I love it but I do have to clean the bathroom now more!!
And when the boys get bored of swimming they move on to play with the snowmobile!!! The pull out the wakeboard and skis and pretend to play Wakeboarding! Here's Blake falling off the skis with his snowmobile helmet on!! I love there imagination!! Its so funny to just sit somewhere the can't see you and listen to the stuff they come up with.

Here there loading everything on to the snowmobile. They moved and moved back this stuff a dozen times!! At least it kept them busy!