Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Planting Raspberries!

This spring we had Great Grandpa Quentin over to help us plant some Raspberries in our yard!  The boys were great help!  Now I just wished they would grow and multiply.....unfortunately I guess we wont get them until next year!   So it looks like I'll be spending another summer trying to keep the boys from picking all of the neighbors!  

Friday, June 26, 2009

Feeding the Ducks...I mean Geese!

I took the boys one day to feed the ducks and they loved it!  The geese over took the ducks though...and I can't believe how aggressive they  are as you can see they got within a couple of inches of the boys which is kind of scary!  

MOPS Carnival

If your not involved in your local MOPS you definitely need to look into it!  We love going to MOPS and we've meet so many great friends from it.  For the end of the year celebration we had a carnival and the boys loved it and had a great time!   (Plus they had way to much candy!) 
They got tatoos, did a water relay, went fishing for candy, Jumped in the jump house and again ate way to much candy!  Were already looking forward to MOPS starting up again in the fall.

Cabin Fun!

We've been having so much fun at the cabin this summer trying to enjoy it before the baby comes.  The fourth of July will be our last weekend there until August and the boys are going to be so sad.  When ever we leave the cabin there already asking when we're going again!   They have so much fun trying to swim (the water just started to get warm), riding the jet ski and Cayden finally being able to take us on a Pontoon ride!  (I can't believe he's already old enough to drive by himself!)  

Water is still a little cold in this picture!  

Were in the process of trying to potty train Blake....but summer is a hard time since Cayden frequents the trees alot,  so Blake thinks he can take his cloths off where ever he wants!  Hopefully when summer is over he'll understand the potty is the correct place to go!  
Are new Captain in training!  (We tend to do lots of circles!)

Smore time!

The boys also have been doing lots of fishing!  They've each caught a couple! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cuddle Time

I love when I get out of the shower and see that my boys are behaving!!  Could it please be like this all the time!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blake's 2nd Birthday!

Well I'm just a little late getting these pictures up, but better late then never! I can't believe that I have a 2 and 3 year old!!! We had a great time celebrating Blake's birthday with Family! It was a Shark theme as that's what he wanted and couldn't stop talking about having a shark cake! So with that theme in hand we got Blake a fish for his birthday! He loves it but I think I'm the one that takes care of it!! (hence that's why will never have a dog until there in High School!!! TOO MUCH WORK!) The beta fishs name is Sharkie!

Dad even got creative and made hats for the boys!

The Boys with there cousin Elsa!!
Blake finally has his own Tonka Truck! No more fighting over the one we have. Even though the boys are different ages we honestly need 2 of everything otherwise they fight over it. I've even notice if it's the same thing but different colors....we still fight over it! Hopefully this is a stage!
Enjoying his sharkie Cake! It was so good and I'm glad we got this great chocolate cake with Bavarian Cream filling....but it will be the last time I spend that much on a cake! But it was so worth it!!

4 Wheeling fun has begun!

The boys love to 4 wheel and the fun started at Great Grandma's this April! I hear a lot from my boys how the want to go to Great Grandma's and Grandpa's house because they want to 4 wheel and ride the John Deer! The day this photo was taken they literally were on them for 4 hours straight!!! Thanks Great Grandpa for letting us ride with you!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend in Milwaukee!!

In the beginning of May we made a trip back to our old stomping grounds!  We had so much fun visiting old friends and just driving around the old neighborhood!  There were so  many things that we forgot how much we missed!  Cayden loved being able to visit his old buddy Jonah!! 
Here's Cayden and Jonah as Cayden gets ready to tackle him!  
Blake, Cayden, Jonah and Micah!  We went to a park and had lunch after church to play!  It was great to also be able to go to our old church!  We miss that great community that they have!  

So here's a new thing Cayden is doing......its so weird and it drives me crazy!  He goes on these spirts of biting his nails....and even his toenails!  So gross!! 
Blake has no fear of anything!  
Our Bible study leaders were so nice to have some people over to there house!  The kids loved playing out in the yard!  They found this mulch pile to be loads of fun!  Plus all the kids kept Bob busy with wanting smores and lawnmower rides!!  

I also got to see my favorite Coworker!!!  I sure miss Allie and all the talking we would do!!  It was fun to meet her and her husband down at the lake at our favorite coffee place!  

The one thing we really miss is the Lake!  We use to spend so much time there just watching people and walking around!  I love the milwaukee Background!  

The boys loved being down by the lake and watching the boats!  There so much like there dad! 

Thank  you to all our friends that let us stay with them!  We love being able to visit you guys and your more then welcome to come here as well!  We can't wait to visit again.