Sunday, April 22, 2012

River Falls 2 mile

Well Jamie and I did the 2 mile race again during River falls days. We actually did better this year and I didn't even train for it. Plus I had my headset so I was all good this year. Both boy's did the kids run and loved it!

The parade is a huge deal in River Falls and one of the best parade's I've ever been too. When we first moved here I thought people were crazy putting out chairs and blankets a week before the actual parade. But now I love it and we participate in that as well, I love how much people love River Falls!!

This year was a superhero theme and the boys wore there capes to the parade along with all the other kids.

Blake's Soccer

Last summer Blake did soccer and he loved it! This picture is what the 2 other boys did while he had soccer!!

This summer no one is doing soccer as I'm only allowing them to did one activity and they both choose t-ball. Hopefully one of them will get back to soccer.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tadpole day!

This was a day that I will always remember about my boys. It started out as just a day of going to the beach. But it turned out being a full day of catching tadpoles! The boys were in 7th heaven! We seriously left there with at least 40 tadpoles. It would have been way more if I wouldn't have cut them off. Once they were home we did everything to keep them alive but none of them last past 2 days. Oh well!