Friday, September 23, 2011

Pumpkin Fun

Andrew is dreaming of riding his own bike!!

Loose Tooth

Last October Cayden lost his first tooth and I think a week later lost his second tooth. Here in this picture you can already see the tooth coming up behind!

Does this happen at your house??

Yes I left the powdered sugar on the counter and a Mr. Someone got into it! It's always a surprise to come around the corner to see this wonderful mess!

And cooking at our house entails all kids moving chairs to the counter and that usually means no room for mama!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great Grandpa Quentin

Justin's Grandpa Quentin passed away this summer and he was such a sweet and caring man. Justin was very close to him and I know is going to miss those Saturday morning phone calls. It never failed that when Great Quentin would come over he would have a jar of cherries for each boy as he new that was there favorite!
These pictures are from last Thanksgiving but this is such a reminder to always take pictures as they will always be treasures!
Great Quentin with the Great Grandkids!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween 2010

We had a busy Halloween! The boys were a shark, pirate and a teddy bear!! We trick or treated in the neighborhood, went to a halloween party and visited the nursing Home! Andrew didn't really get it which is fine, he got his sucker and was good for the night.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sever's Corn Maze!

I was kind of hesitant of going here but we had such a great time that we are definitely going back this year! We got here right after lunch and literally stayed until 6 because we kept so busy! They have this huge hay maze that most kids just run and jump across! Even Andrew was daring enough to try at only 14 months!!

They also had a huge corn pit that was just packed! We spent forever swimming and jumping in the corn!

Throwing ourselves in the corn!!

Buried ourselves in the corn!
Stuffed our shirts with corn!!

Rolled in the Corn!
And even filled our diapers with corn!!
Here's Andrew jumping into the pit and right after this jump he got a bloody nose as his face hit my leg.
Here's the only thing I wasn't a fan of....the 3 dollar slide that take 5 seconds to go down!

Awesome Pig races that we had front row seats for.
This turkey nibbled at Andrew's toes and bit my finger!

I love this picture and I'm sure I will be the only one that appreciates it but I know what he was doing during this shot! He was doing his little butt shake dance that only he can do and it's so dang cute!!
The tired Viking!

The also had a great exotic zoo, it was so fun to see the kangaroos with the babies coming in and out of the pouch. The kids just thought this was so cool!

And this was the last shot of the day before we discovered Andrew had pooped everywhere on the stoller and his cloths! Needless to say I think we drove home with him wearing only a diaper!!