Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photography Blog

I have decided to start a Blog for my photography business as it's starting to pick up.  I'll be posting lots more pictures there then I do here!  
So check it out from time to time....


So I have my officially website address!


This is a great place to order books for yourself with out having a party!  There are so many to choose from, it's overwhelming!  But if you want ideas let me know I have tons of favorite books!  
So start thinking Christmas, stocking stuffers, Showers, new baby gifts and books to get your kids ready for school!

As  you can see I'm so excited about these books!  It makes me want to be a kid again!  Needless to say Cayden and Blake will be getting lots of books from me!!  

And again if you ever want free books ask me how!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jayden, Jaren, and Jordan!

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of these cute siblings!  They were so fun and always doing something funny to be captured by the camera!  Thanks Guys!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here's a picture of our cabin for those who haven't been up there yet.  I'll have to get some of the inside as we've been doing a lot of remodeling!  Someday it won't look anything like this as we have plans to do log siding!  But that's way in the future!!

It started with a frog...

So the weekend that I was at the cabin with Brooke I ran in to this.....  Let me say it scared me to death!  I saw this frog probably 5 minutes before I ran into the snake.  I'm not positive this is the exact frog but I'm going to say it is.  I was walking down our steps in the yard and this snake literally jumped out from underneath.  I had no idea what it was and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it's head!  Once I realized what it was and calmed down I had to get a picture of it!  
Now I'm so worried about running in to snakes there!  

Action Shot

Monday, September 22, 2008

Week at the Cabin

In August Justin was gone for 2 weeks for work so my friend Brooke and I spent a week at the cabin with the boys!!  As  you can see we had lots of fun and Brooke left the weekend thinking she was never going to have kids!!  (The boys tired her out and were way too busy!)
We played lot's of Domino's and cards and we were even able to have 2 days to just ourselves when Justin got there!  
We saw Mamma Mia and thought it was so funny!  And since we couldn't stop singing the songs Cayden even knows them now!  Thanks Brooke for helping me survive Justin being gone! 

How does he sleep on the boat like that?  
This is how we start ever tube ride...We force him on.....
And this is how it ends!!  

Yes I finally learned how to ski on one ski!  I loved it!  

Can you see the hand on the hip!  (Hmm I wonder what he's thinking!)

My Kids like to eat the corn before it's cooked!  

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank You!!!

I'm having my open house today for Discovery Toys and Usborne Books and I'm so excited to do this!  I spent all day yesterday cleaning, cooking lots of goodies and in the mix of it all went and did a photo shoot yesterday!  So it was crazy busy!  But all I could think about was how excited I am to show everyone these great products that I have!  (Seriously they are amazing and I wish I was a kid again!)  Plus to have adult conversation all day long with new friends that are coming is going to be well needed!   I just want to thank everyone in advance for coming and really helping me start my business out!  

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Also on our trip to Wadena I had time to do a quick photo session with Brooke!  Hopefully I'll be able to see her again soon and be able to do a little bit more!  She is such a sweet baby and you can sure tell she has some proud parents!  Congrats Ashley!

Weekend in Wadena!

This August me and the kids took a trip up to Wadena for a family reunion.  It sure was fun to be up there as it brought back memories of spending time up there as a kid!  We had a great time at Ruthie and Corks' cabin.  Here's a Beautiful sunset we had one night!!

Here's Cayden with the Dog choker on!  It's funny because we all thought he looked a little like Jesus!
And meeting the new Baby Brooke!  I forgot how much Cayden touched Blake as a baby...as you can see he still is the same way with other babies.  And If  you see Blake in the corner there, I think we have a replica!  They haven't been around babies in awhile so it was fun to see!  Little Staples is in for a treat!!  Lots of Loving!  

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Usborne Books Website

Here's the website for my Usborne Business.   


Here you can see all the books online and order.  You can also have e-shows as well. 

Besides book we sell great activity books, sticker books and drawing books!  
At my party I ordered 50 things to do on the road.  Its full of different activities to keep your child busy while your traveling. 
Also great dot-to-dot books, cook books for children, puzzle books, art and craft books and seriously so much more!  If you are a book person and your children love to look at books, you'll love this company!! 

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Usborne Books!!

So I couldn't pass up this great opportunity to sell these books!! I had a book party myself a couple of weeks ago and loved the books! They are amazing and my kids love them!! There also a great price! 70% of the books are under $10.

Here's the best deal for you, is that I get to have 20 parties were they will receive double rewards! When I hosted my party I got $220 dollars of free books!! It's a great deal and believe me people will buy them once they see them!

Or if you want to sell them yourself you can join this month for only $35. You get 9 books and all the supplies to get started! Plus you get entered in to win a trip to Rome! You can't get a better deal then that!

So if you want to have a party or join let me know!! And actually the first person that let's me know they want to have a party I'll give you $25 dollars in free books right away!!!

Book now for the Holiday season!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Josh's Senior Pictures

Here are some pictures of Josh's Senior Photos that I took.  Josh was so fun to photograph as he really was getting into it.  This was my first time doing senior photos and it was a lot of fun!