Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cayden's 6th b-day

 Brahm enjoying the sprinkler as well!
 Classic spitting picture.  (is it only my boys that do this?  I have a feeling that yes it is!)
 Cayden got a brand new wakeboard that he had been wanting all summer.  The weekend before his birthday we went to a wakeboard competition and boy was that all we heard about!  Both Cayden and Blake wanted a wakeboard so that they could do the flips like the professionals! 
 For Cayden's friend birthday we just hit a local park that has some trails and told the kids to all bring there bikes.  It was such a great and easy party!  I had some snacks and decorate your own cupcakes, so it was very simple.  We did have to cut the party short as there was a huge storm moving in.

 As you can see from this cupcake they got lots of sprinkles and candy put on them and seriously I bet only a handful of kids even took a bite of theirs. 
All the kids had a blast and if you look in the background the storm is moving in.  We literally got ever thing packed away super fast and then it poured!!  Happy 6th Birthday Cayden!